Bring all your immigration paperwork to the consultation:

Bring all of your past immigration paperwork. This includes passports, visas, receipts from the government, and copies of all applications or petitions submitted (copies of the entire packages you or another attorney sent to the government). If you've had a different attorney in the past, you should ask for a copy of your file. The consultation will not be as targeted if you do not bring your immigration history. 

Driving directions:

If you are driving, we strongly recommend a parking garage and selection of 2-3 hours on the meter because local authorities routinely issue parking tickets for expired meters. The closest parking garage is Garage 36 – a 1-2 minute walk to our office. You can find directions here.

If applicable, record of criminal history:

If you have ever been arrested and charged with a crime in the United States, we will need a record of what happened. This is called a "certified copy of the disposition".  You can get this  from the court where you went before the Judge. We need this formal record even if the charges were dismissed.

Building Location and Information:

The business entrance to the building is on NORFOLK Avenue. It is a light yellow building with red awnings. On Norfolk, roughly half-way between Del Ray and Cordell Avenues, you will see double glass doors that lead up a staircase. 

Office Suite Information:

For our suite on the second floor. When you get to the top of the stairs turn right at the top of the stairs, go down the hall, and the door to our office is the last one on the left.

Arrival and Reception:

When you enter our office, there is a reception area. Please help yourself to a beverage (coffee, black and herbal tea, and sparkly or flat water), have a seat, and we will be with you shortly. 

Walk From Garage 36 to the office:

Exit the “Del Ray” side of the garage, walk northeast toward Norfolk Avenue  (go left out of the Del Ray entrance). Walk half a block, then turn right at the first intersection - onto Norfolk avenue. For building and suite specifics, see above.

Walking from anywhere to the office:

If you are walking from Bethesda Metro Station – it is about a 10-minute walk. If you are within walking distance from the office, you can find a walking route here


For all phone appointments, unless otherwise agreed, clients should call us at 202-640-4420 at the time of the appointment. If you are a prospective clinet, please also pay the remainder of the fee before the scheduled appointment at this secure website


For all video appointments- please send us an invite to Skype ID: garfinkel_law or provide required information for other video platforms (typically your user ID, phone, or email). If this is a prospective client consult, please pay the remainder of the fee before the scheduled appointment at this secure website