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If you filed a petition or application with USCIS, you can check the status on their website. You should have your receipts handy as you will need the information on them - specifically, your receipt number, the name of the form you filed (i.e. i-130 or i-485), and your personal identification. Please note that their information is NOT always accurate. Here is the link to see the status of  your filing:

USCIS Case Login

USCIS - General processing times - the general amount of time cases are taking at USCIS:

This page provides the overall estimated time frames for all filings around the country. It is NOT case specific. They now provide an estimated time range ( for example - 16-20 months) for how long each filing takes for each service center. Thus, you will need to have your form receipts with you as you will need the form number of your filing and either the Service Center that issued your receipt or transfer notice (if there was one). Here is the link for the general time frames:

USCIS - general processing times

USCIS - Options to Solve Problems:

For current Garfinkel Immigration Law clients, please contact us prior to making an inquiry. We recommend you use the link above to schedule a brief phone appointment. We may have already submitted an inquiry on your behalf or we may be able to help you navigate the site. You can inquire if your case is outside the normal processing (see "General Processing Times" above), if you didn't receive a notice, card, or document by mail, or if you want to report a typographical error on a USCIS document or form. Please save a PDF or screen shot if you make an inquiry and are routed to a confirmation page. Keep it for your records and send it to us as well so we will have proof of the filing. Here is the link:

USCIS - Make a Case Inquiry

State Department / Consular Processing:

If you have a case at the State Department with the National Visa Center ("NVC"), you can check the status of your case on their website. You should have your NVC invoice with you. You will need the information on it, including the NVC Case Number and the Invoice Number. If your case has already moved to the embassy, see the links below to navigate to your embassy website. The login page for the National Visa Center is here:

Visa Application Login

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